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Internet Lifestyle Network products and services

Lets take a look at what the Internet Lifestyle Network have to offer:

The service they offer is a blogging platform. With this you can promote whatever you wish or just blog for pleasure. The sky’s the limit with the fully customisable blogs. Each customer and affiliate is allow upto 5 blogs per account. So if you are in multiple niches you can manage 5 at a time. This is handy for those who want to promote separate businesses and products without things getting messy on the one blog.

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Product line is complete information and training. Mark Hoverson has fronted his very own product line for retail by the Internet Lifestyle Network affiliates.


Product reseller and retail ability

To be able to resell the products created by or for the Internet Lifestyle Network you must become an affiliate. This costs $15 per month on top of the $14.95 to be an apprentice member/customer.

Mark has listed some of his best selling products from the past year. Mostly based on mindset and personal development his products have grossed over $10,000,000 in sales. Each product has a resell right to the Internet Lifestyle Network Affiliates with a 50% commission.



The Internet Lifestyle Network also have their very own self made products for sale and monthly membership.

Apprentice which is the lowest entry point at $14.95

Inner Circle is $99 per month and has some quality marketing training, suitable for advanced and inexperienced people online.